The mission of Cincinnati Shuls is to provide useful and relevant information to the Orthodox Jewish community.
Our group consists of two components- a website and an email mailing list.

Content on the website is added by our staff, and if you would like to advertise a business, solicit funds for an organization, or have any other information you’d like to share, please contact the Cincinnati Shuls Staff. Information provided on our website does not constitute an endorsement by ourselves of any organization, product, service or minyan. That being said, we are a volunteer organization, and content needing constant upgrading and adjusting is subject to our ability to effect those changes.
Content posted to the email mailing list is closely moderated.

Local Events Posts regarding local shul/school/etc events may be shared with the group a total of 3 times preceding the event. Please plan your posts with this rule in mind. All organizations and institutions are asked to use a designated email for all events and announcements.

Local Businesses These posts will remain permissible once every two weeks.
Emails from businesses supplying our community but not locally owned are limited to three postings per year (reminder emails for special sales coming to town will be evaluated). All businesses are asked to use a designated email for business emails – this includes babysitters!

Member “For Sale Items” Before posting, all members are required to post items for sale to the classifieds page. Each member is allowed 1 post with any and all “For Sale Items” per week.

Political Postings Posts for political issues or candidates will be allowed 3 times preceding the election or political event/issue.

Charitable Solicitations for any organization outside of the Orthodox Cincinnati community are not permitted. Before posting any type of charitable solicitation please submit your message to your shul rabbi who will share your request with the Cincinnati Beis Din. When your request receives approval you may email us here with that information and then proceed to post. Violating this rule will result in the poster being moved to “moderated” status indefinitely.

Kashrus Alerts the Cincinnati Va’ad has requested that all matters pertaining to kashrus be brought to Cincinnati Kosher’s attention (cincinnatikosher@gmail.com) with CK making a determination of if/how to make an announcement. All Kashrus Alerts will then be posted by CK.

All other types of posts, whether product recalls, Jewish news updates, ride sharing, grocery trips, doctor requests, and so on will continue, at this point, to remain unmoderated. We do ask, however, that you remember to respect the inboxes of the group and consolidate your requests as much as possible. We also ask that you reply directly to the original poster instead of using the “reply all” function unless you are certain your response belongs on the forum at large, complying with our group policies.

Any poster that knowingly or negligently causes another community member embarrassment or pain will be banned from the group for a full month. While all community members should use their best judgement, the definition of what constitutes a “potentially hurtful” post will be evaluated by the Cincinnati Shuls Moderators.

Members who are posting too frequently or are posting irrelevant quips or replies will be sent an automatic warning from the moderators saying “Please post only information or requests on this group. Do not share personal opinions or make comments not relevant to the entire group. Those who are not careful with the wording or quantity of their posts will be moved to “moderated” status or removed from the group immediately.”

Thank you for your cooperation, and for making Cincinnati Shuls the wonderful community resource it is.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Cincinnati Shuls Staff

Using this site

Welcome to  Cincinnati  Shuls, the information network for the Orthodox Jewish community!

Information can be viewed on our site, or sent as an email that is received by all members. Member posts can be viewed on the Discussions page, but with phone numbers and email addresses blocked for protection.
Information can be posted by our members in two ways, either on our website or as an email that goes out to all our many members.

To Become A Cincinnati Shuls Member:
Send your name and email address to the Cincinnati Shuls Staff.  Additionally, due to the relatively recent incidents of SPAMing, we have a new policy for signing up members. All non-verified members of the community should send us at least three reliable references as to why you would be a good member of CincinnatiShuls. We value our member’s safety and identities.

To Unsubscribe As A Member:<br/ >To unsubscribe by email, send an email to cincinnati-shuls+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com.

Member Email Options:
Members have four options for receiving emails from Cincinnati Shuls members…
No emails. (One can send still send emails to all other members.)
All Email. Receive an email every time another member sends out an email. (This is the default setting, but it can be changed.)
Email Digest, which is a condensed version of all messages sent on one day. (This cuts down on the number of emails one receives. However, one might miss time-sensitive posts, such as an unexpected lavaya.)
One Email with all activity in it. (This is a further condensed version.)

Message Posting to All Members:
Only Cincinnati Shuls members are allowed to post messages to the group. If you would like to post something to all members on your own, it works just like normal email. Write your message and be sure to put a title in the subject, then send it to: cincinnati-shuls@googlegroups.com– it’s that easy!
We ask that members please do not ask our three CincyShuls Moderators to post something for you unless it is an emergency or one is unable to access their computer.

Posting Information On Our Website:
If you would like to have information posted on our website, please send it to the Cincinnati Shuls Staff.
Please send all  Shabbat/Motza’ei Shabbat events to post by Noon on Thursday.

Viewing Information On Our Website:
Visit our website at: www.cincinnatishuls.org orwww.cincinnatishuls.com. Pages can be accessed either by the navigation bar on the left, or via the quick links on the Home page. (For example, the Home page picture for “Shuls” takes you straight to the Minyanim schedules.)
Specific information can be found by typing a topic in the search box.

Posting and Use of Information, Names and Graphics on Our Website and Emails:
Cincinnati Shuls  is to be used with respect to others. There is to be no lashon hara, harassment or degradation to others. We retain full copyright of our web pages and any information therein. Use of the Cincinnati Shuls name and any information, reproduction of graphics, or other material displayed on our site is strictly forbidden without permission from the Cincinnati Shuls Moderators. Any such activity will be discussed and voted upon by the Cincinnati Shuls staff before permission can be granted.

SPAM Safety:
Cincinnati Shuls is not responsible for incidental SPAM sent to its members due to the hacking of any member’s account. Unfortunately, this can occur from time to time, so all members are urged to take the following precautions:
1. Be somewhat leery of emails sent without a Subject Title. Although everyone is human and we all can forget to add a title, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.
2. Never ever click on a link in an email without any other text. This is most likely SPAM! If you suspect that an email sent from the group or someone you know is SPAM, send the person an email regarding it before clicking on any obscure links (such as random letters and numbers) to other websites.
3. Whenever you send an email to the group, be sure to include a title in the Subject line.
4. If you want to send a link to another website to the group, make sure to state clearly why it is of interest to the group. This will prevent others from thinking your email may be SPAM.
5. Do not leave your email account open on public computers, and be sure to sign out when you are done.
6. Try to choose email providers that offer a secure connection (that is, with an https address. The “S” indicates that it is a secure connection). This will help prevent hackers from breaking into your account.

Use of Personal Information:
All email addresses and identities are kept private and are not accessible to anyone with the exception of the Cincinnati Shuls Moderators. No email addresses are ever shared with any non-member, or sold to third parties.
We may possibly share the entire group’s email addresses with a local organization (if it is a member of Cincinnati Shuls), only if it is for the use of a community-wide project that would benefit all our members.

We hope you will find Cincinnati Shuls to be a helpful tool for both your life and other people’s!

Cincinnati Shuls Staff