edited 6/07/2018

Mazal Tov

“Mazel Tov!” to Yehuda & Chaya Spetner on the birth of a
baby girl.

Mazal tov! to the entire Edelstein family on the occasion
of Ariella’s bat-mitzvah.


(Please let us know when to take off a name!) To download all names on the current Tehillim list, Click Here.

Yehudit Golda bat Gittle – Dena Morton’s aunt
Beracha Leah bat Rachel Mushka – Barbara Nagler
Bayla bat Chaya Pesya – Bev Winkler
Eliana Dina bat Talia Tzippora – Jenny Levin

Shirli Malkah bat Aliza – Ido Lipnick’s sister-n-law
Yakir Ephraim ben Rachel Devora
Simcha Leib HaLevi ben Devora (Stan Schwartzberg) – Eric Schwartzberg’s father
Shmuel Aser ben Rivkah (Michael Fisher) – Bobby Fisher’s brother


7 Sivan – Joseph Mabo – David Mabo’s father.
7 Sivan – Maurice Backman – David Mabo’s grandfather.
9 Sivan – Benjamin Kaufman (יוסף בן ליב ברוך )– Ben Signer’s grandfather.


The community extends its condolences to Jeff Zipkin and the entire Wiener and Zipkin families on the passing of our beloved friend Frida ZipkinThe funeral and burial will take place in Netanya after Shavuot, and shivah will be observed in Israel.  May the entire family be comforted along with those who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.

Eruv Announcements

If we are aware that the eruv is down, our members will be notified and the announcement will appear in Discussions. It is always to be presumed that the eruv is not up. Always be sure to call the eruv hotline at 351-ERUV (3788). That’s why this service exists. For a map of the Cincinnati Eruv, Click Here.