edited 7/31/2018

Special Events

 CZE Meet and Greet BBQ 

Sunday Aug. 26

 CST Book Club

Sunday, August 26, “He, She, It” by Marge Piercy

CHDS Golf Outing

August 28th. For more information contact Jennie
Leininger at 513-351-7777 or jleininger@chdsonline.org

Weekly Tehillim

All women are invited to participate in saying all of sefer Tehillim. You can also participate from your own home by saying Tehillim that are assigned to you for that evening. Call Donna Taplits at 351-9294 for more information. For the current cholim list click here.
When: Monday at 9:15pm
Location: Taplits Home

Overeaters Anonymous For Women

When: Mondays at 11:30am
Location: JEEP- 1995 Section Rd.

Jewish Recovery Meeting

Jewish Recovery/Friendship House Weekly Meetings: The discussions focus on understanding and using Jewish spiritual tools to help strengthen our recovery and how we can use our recovery to help strengthen our Judaism.
When: Thursdays at 7pm
Location: Arthur Schreiber Jewish Education Center

CST Breakfast and Learn

Sunday mornings, following Shacharit, a short weekly study session with light breakfast fare served courtesy of the Kollel, at CST

Kids Ongoing Programs – Shabbat

Sha’arei Torah Tefilat Ha’Yeladim

Time: starts after end of second aliya.  ages 5-8 are in the house and 8-11 are in the board room

Sha’arei Torah Bnei Akiva

Time:3:30-4:30pm at CST grades 3-6 every other week

Chabad Kids Shul

Time: 10:00 AM- 1 PM
Location: Chabad Jewish Center (Blue Ash) Address: 3977 Hunt Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Bnos- OFF during the summer

Time: 3:30-4:30 PM

Location: CZE

Pirchei –OFF

Teacher: Rabbi Shai Scherer Special Notes: For boys only. Please do not send your child early!

Alternating between grades 1-2 and grades 3-4.
Time: 3:30-4:30 PM
Location: Scherer residence  6700 Elbrook Avenue (Amberley Village)
Phone: (513) 351-7424

Boys Se’udah Sh’lishis

In the “play room” next to the social hall at CZE, run this week by Rabbi Yisroel Kaufman

Kol Hanaarim

Time: 5:30-6:15 pm Shabbos afternoon at CZE

Kids Ongoing Programs – Weekday

Likras Shabbos- 

Raffles, kugel, and enjoyable learning! Grades 4–8 will be led by the Rav, grades 1–3 by Rabbi Heinemann.
Special Notes: For boys only. “Likras Shabbos,” a nationwide program for boys in grades 1-8, learning the laws of Shabbos. Weekly raffles and refreshments!
When: Friday afternoons, (1/2 hour before early Mincha)
Location: CZE