Kosher Services

Rabbi Avraham Avnit

(513) 761-0769

Rabbi Yitzchok Preis

(513) 396-6482
The Learning Forum (513) 631-8505

Cincinnati Kosher Vaad Hoier

Rabbinic Administrator: Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib
Address: 2455A Section Rd. (Amberley Village)
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 549-0450
Fax: (513) 631-4900

Yashan Food & Resources

The Yashan Network Inc
Families who keep yashan can now network with potential hosts/kashrut organizations for traveling around the world. For information on the mitzvah, and networking opportunities go to: To look up date codes online, go to: Our non-profit organization has a local Yashan Gemach to help supply families who are out of an item or need food for visiting yashan guests. For more info, contact us or 513-800-1957.

Mezuza/Shatnez Checking

Sofer/Mezuzah & Tefillin Checking

Contact: Mr. Steve Meyers (513) 351-3198


Checking clothing for problematic wool and linen blends

Contact: Rabbi Raphael Weinschneider at: 513-545-4474.

Contact: Rabbi Y Kaufman at: 732-691-6134

Beis Din

Cincinnati Beis Din

Phone: Please contact the secretary, Rabbi Chaim Heinemann at for information or issues.
Email Address:
Rabbis on the Official Beit Din:
Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt: 347-443-8613 or
Rabbi Dovid Spetner:
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib: 513-532-3800.
Rabbi Emeritus Members:
Rabbi Hanan Balk: 513-252-2255 or
Rabbi Meir Minster: 513-226-6296 or


Daily Tehillim Mishmeres

The Cincinnati Women’s Tehillim Group says the entire sefer Tehillim every day in the merit of a refuah shleimah for the cholim who have been put on our list by community members, together with all the cholim of klal Yisrael.  To add or remove a name to/from the cholim list, contact Gayle Statman.
The entire sefer Tehillim is divided into small segments, each of which is assigned to a woman to say on a daily basis.  Each woman says her Tehillim every day, on her own, at a time that she chooses in the merit of a refuah shleimah for the cholim on the list.  In addition, we sometimes have “emergency requests”–members will then get a phone call or e-mail, usually the night before, asking them to say two rounds of Tehillim on a particular day for a specific choleh.

Weekly Tehillim Gathering

Join the women of the Cincinnati community as they say the entire sefer Tehillim every Monday night in the z’chus of a refuah for the cholim. Each week, Donna Taplits calls the women who have volunteered to participate in the weekly Tehillim to see if they can say Tehillim that night and to assign them a section (meets at the Taplits house or can be said in your own home). Please call Donna for more info 351-9294.

Bikur Cholim

Mindel Konstam Bikur Cholim is in the process of creating a list of those who work in the Mount Auburn, Clifton, North Avondale and Mt. Lookout areas. Mitzvot are needed at the area Hospitals. Some of the Mitzvot opportunities include delivering a meal, transportation of patients or family members and visiting a patient on a lunch break or before and after work. Also, we are in the process of creating a list of Jewish employees and volunteers at Children’s Hospital for the same purposes. Please let us know if you or someone you know might fit into this category. We have found the employees and volunteers to be a great asset to our community and to the patients. Our partnership is conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and Chai Lifeline.
Rabbi Kaufman can be reached at 513-970-1911, or e-mail with all the contact information including potential hours within the area and travel times between the Amberley area and the Hospitals.
(To see an article representing one of the families that were helped click on the link below.)

Chesed Opportunities

Big Brothers/Big Sisters is Looking for a Few Good Menches! Are you a man or woman between the ages of 21 and 81? Are you willing to donate a few hours a week for a really good cause? If the answer is yes, then WE NEEDYOU! Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of Cincinnati has children and teen-agers on our waiting list—all waiting for mentors—someone like you to be their friend, role model or just someone to talk to. You have what it takes…no special skills are needed only a desire to have fun and make a difference in a child’s life. Positive role models help children build self-esteem and also assist them in navigating the difficult terrain of childhood and/or adolescence. By volunteering, you can make a huge impact on a child’s life and develop a long- lasting relationship. We’ve been making matches for more than 100 years and we need a few good menches to make them for 100 more. Have fun and do something new this year. You’ll be surprised by the change it’ll bring into your own life.For more information, please call 761-3200 or e-mail
What is the Cincinnati Mishmeres? A Mishmeres/Machsom Lifi is a time period when one is extra careful with shmiras haloshon. The Cincinnati Mishmeres follows the rules set up by the rabbonim of the mishmeres in Yerushalayim. There are two cycles of mishmeres per month. Each member can choose a two hour slot between 6:00 A.M. and 12:00 A.M. They will be given the Hebrew name of a person to do this mitzvah as a merit for his/her need. Members of our community may submit names of people for whom the mishmeres will be a zechus. To join or submit names, please call 351-2989

Baby Equipment

Contact: Mrs. Elisa Travis (513) 351-0413
Contact: Mrs. Naavah Avnit. (513) 403-0214.

CD Gemach

Listen to a shiur in the comfort of your home. Borrow a CD from the new CD gemach. There are CDs from R’ Pesach Krohn on varius topics, R’ Ephraim Wachsman on the month of Elul, Rebbetzen Tehilla Jaeger on Speech, and many others on topics such as: Shemiras Halashon, Happiness, and Tefillah. There are also a handful of CDs special for women only. Please email or call 513-835-6440 if you would like to borrow a CD or CD set.

Medical Equipment

The Edward Aaron Ziv Medical Equipment G’mach. This is a g’mach that will be available for the entire community to borrow, donate and sponsor purchasing of medical equipment. The g’mach is being temporarily housed in the basement of the mikvah. We are currently accepting donations of the following items: Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, bath and shower chairs, raised toilet seats and commodes, canes.
If you have used equipment that is in very good condition and you are willing to make them available to others, or if you would like to sponsor the purchase of new equipment, please contact either Elisa Travis or Elinor Ziv. Elisa Travis: 351-0413 or 373-5675, Elinor Ziv: 351-0909.

Power Tools

Contact Rabbi Meir Minster at 513-226-6296.

Purim Costumes

Call the Sollofes family at 351-6492 if you need anything, we may have it!
(If you like to donate any costume, please call).

Sheitles (Wigs)

Contact: Mrs. Yiddis Bidnick (513) 351-1146

Shmirat HaLashon (Guarding One’s Speech) Library

Contact: Dr. Fran Behrman (513) 351-2989

Simcha Gemach

We are opening a simcha gemach (l’zecher nishmas Mordechai ben Binyomin Zev Kiss) that has a lot of folding tables (6′ and 8′) and folding chairs. If anyone would like to borrow or donate anything that they think that the gemach should offer, they may call Rabbi Polsky at 531-3151.

Table Cloths

30 round(blue and black) and 3-6 rectangle tablecloths in those same color.
Contact: Chana Weisberg 678-3249 or

Table Runners
Contact: Tova Scherer 702-3380 or

Teenage Books

Contact: Mrs. Elisa Travis (513) 351-0413

Torah Tape Library

Contact: Rabbi Raffi Zuroff (513) 351-0017


Contact: Rabbi Chaim Heinemann
6515 Elbrook Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45237

Yashan Food Items

The Yoshon Network Inc. a non-profit organization, has a local Yashan Gemach to help supply families who are out of an item or need food for visiting yashan guests. For more info, contact us at: or 513-800-1957.

Discount Computers for Students, Elderly & Low income

Cincinnati Computers Cooperative, 49 Novner Dr., Woodlawn, 513-771-3262.

Simcha Planning

Kosher Catering

Lane’s Catering (513) 731-5263 (Kosher supervision by request only)

Kosher Banquet Halls Available for Events:

Hilton Hotel (Kosher Supervision by Request Only)

Address: Netherland Plaza
5th Street & Race Street (Downtown)
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 421-9100

Hyatt Regency Hotel (Kosher Supervision by Request Only)

Address: 151 West 5th Street (Downtown)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
Phone: (513) 354-4045

The Phoenix (Kosher Supervision by Request Only)

Address: 812 Race Street (Downtown)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
Phone: (513) 721-8901


These events can be held at any of the Shuls listed on the Shuls page, or at the schools (CHDS and Atara contact information available here).


Contact: Rabbi Avraham Avnit
A well-experienced mohel who circumcised boys in Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe, and his own children and grandchildren. He was taught by a Rabbi/Mohel who was one of the best mohalim in Israel.
(513) 761-0769

Contact: Rabbi Yosef Y. Kalmanson
The Jewish Discovery Center

Rabbi Chaim Heinemann

Jewish Music Band

Mesamechai Leiv Orchestras
866-LEBEDIK / 773-508-0902
www.mesamechaileiv.comWedding Preparation

Choson/Chatan (Husband-to-Be) Lessons

Contact: Variable according to timing.
Contact the Kollel at (513) 631-1118

Kallah (Bride-to-Be) Lessons
Contact: Mrs. Elisa Travis (513) 351-0413


Cincinnati Community Mikveh (Amberley Village)
Special Notes: For men.
Address: 2455B Section Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
For info on fee schedules and packages Click Here.
Web Address:

Cincinnati Community Mikveh (Amberley Village)
Special Notes: For women only!
Address: 2455B Section Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
General Information and new scheduling procedures: For details, Click Here.
Appointments: Call 351-0609 for weekdays, and 226-4873 for Shabbatot and holidays.
Web Address:

Mei Menachem Chabad Mikvah (Blue Ash)
Address: 3977 Hunt Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: Contact Chana Mangel at (513) 793-5207 to schedule an appointment.
Fax: (513) 793-5244
Web Address:

Burial & Funerals

Chevra Kadisha
Cincinnati Chevra Kadisha
Address: 2182 Bluegrass Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Contact: Mrs. Tovah Kirschner (513) 396-6426
Fax: (513) 396-6426

Jewish Funeral Homes

Weil Funeral Home (Offers a wide variety of services in conjunction with the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Society)
Address: 8350 Cornell Road (Blue Ash)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Contact: Robert Weil (513) 469-9345
Fax: (513) 469-9340
Web Address:

Jewish Cemeteries

American Beneficial Society/Beth Hamedrash Hagadol/Beth Jacob/Golf Manor/ Price Hill Congregation

Address: 2111 Anderson Ferry Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Golf Manor Synagogue, Seena Rubenstein (513) 531-6654
Caretaker: Buddy Kinder (859) 581-7527
Beth Tefyla/Schachnus
Address: 1711 Sunset Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Tom Rinsky (513) 761-1212 or (513) 530-9592
Caretaker: Buddy Kinder (859) 581-7527

Chesed Chel Emmes

Address: 1405 Sunset Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Lester Wolpa (513) 367-4200
Caretaker: Buddy Kinder (859) 581-7527

Kneseth Israel/Washington Avenue

Address: 5350 Sidney Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Rabbi Jacob Lustig (513) 731-6043
Caretaker: Ed Masminster (513) 922-5417
New Hope
Address: 5375 Sidney Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Yaakov Rabenstein (513) 531-0808
Caretaker: Buddy Kinder (859) 581-7527

Tiferath Israel/Yad Chorutzim

Address: 5375 Sidney Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Administrator: Yaakov Rabenstein (513) 531-0808
Caretaker: Bill Witteck (513) 598-4946

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana Shofar Blowing for Cholim: (Any special shofar blowing for women will be posted on the Events page.)
All private shofar blowing for cholim must be within walking distance within the Eruv (any Rosh Hashana that does not occur on Shabbat).
Location: Where needed.
Contact: David Alden at
Contact: Ray Warren at 513-731-8818 or

Yom Kippur

Time-Release Pills: Time-Release Pills to help with fasting will be available on Sunday before Yom Kippur from Yosef Zoiman. Call 351-4002. This is a fundraising project of Kollel Toronto.


Lulav & Etrog for Sukkot
Yaacov’s Place is once again consolidating orders for Arba Minim. Please place your order prior to Rosh Hashannah by email at or by calling Yaacov at 513-703-5954. Standard sets are $56 per set, Muvchor are $85 per set. Premium Haddasim are $10 per set additional.
Premium sets are available. A Premium set consists of a pre selected Esrog from Rabbi Chaim Heinemann, and a pre selected Lulav, Hadasim and Arovos to be picked up from Yaacov’s
Place. Premium sets are $150 per set. Sets will be available for purchase throughout the Succos preparation period.


Pesach Guide

Cincinnati Kosher has its very own full-color Pesach Guide! To download it, Click Here. (Due to some Google computer glitch, the first page shows up blank, but it saves and prints normally, with the gorgeous cover intact.)

Chametz Sales for Pesach Local Rabbis who contract to sell chametz from three weeks before Pesach to Erev Pesach:

Rabbi Meir Minster
Location: Cincinnati Community Kollel
2241 Losantiville Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: 513- 531-8966 (Cell) 513-226-6296

Rabbi Dovid Spetner
Location: Cincinnati Community Kollel
2241 Losantiville Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: 513-631-1118

Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib
Location: CZE
Address: 2455A Section Road (Amberley Village)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: (Cell) 513-532-3800

Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt
Location: Congregation Sha’arei Torah
Phone: 347-443-8613

Cincinnati Alerts

Krispy Kreme
As a reminder, Cincinnati Kosher only certifies those donuts bearing the markings below. There are donuts being sold at Kroger’s and perhaps other places that come from a different commissary which is not under our supervision.

In order to ensure that it comes from our local commissary it must have a label bearing the KOA kosher symbol and the code 301. [0804]

Orange Leaf and Similar Stores

There has been a swell of questions recently about the Kashrus regarding the Orange Leaf which sells frozen yogurt and has ten nearby locations.

As of today, the Orange Leaf is not under Cincinnati Kosher’s hashgacha. Since they only sell yogurt and most of their mixes are packaged and already under various hashgachas – it would be relatively easy to certify them.
What we have found to work in the past to convince an establishment to be under supervision is if people would visit the store, ask the store to become kosher certified, and help put them in touch with the Vaad. If enough people approach the store, the requests will be passed on to upper management and hopefully they will seek Vaad supervision.
This grassroots approach by customers idea should also be used for any other stores that may consider being under Vaad supervision.
For any questions, thoughts or comments regarding this or any other kosher initiative, please contact our Rabbinic Administrator- Rabbi Weinrib at (513) 532-3800. [1226]

Ohio Alerts