Special Shiurim

Shavuos 1st Night (5/19-5/20): CST

12:00-12:50 — Rabbi Goldschmiedt “Are there religious grounds for exemption from military service?”

1:00-1:50 — Nachum Klafter “Is democracy consistent with Torah Judaism?”

2:00-2:50 — Arna Poupko Fisher “With yichus like this, who needs a resume?”

3:00-3:50 — Ethan Katz “The Mamzer, The Slave, and the Community”

4:00-4:50 — Adam Rosenthal “Yerushalayim Sheli”

5:00-5:50 — Chana Wolfson “The Jew and the Lotus Pose”

Shavuos 1st Night (5/19-5/20): CZE (men)

12:30-2:30 — Rabbi Weinrib “The Torah’s Perspective on Gun Control”

2:45-3:45 — Rabbi Yechiel Gabay “The Torah’s Perspective on Immigration”

4:00-5:30 — Rabbi Yisroel Kaufman “The Torah’s Perspective on Bitcoin”

2:30– 4:00 Special Medical Chabura Learning Hilchos Refuah with Rabbi Kaufman & at 3:40 a hands on Medical approach to the
Sugya with Dr. Dov Katz and other Medical professionals!

Shavuos Day 1 5/20: CZE (women)

11:00 — babysitting provided

Shavuos Day 2 5/21: Travis Home (women)

3:20 – Mrs. Penina Teitelbaum

3:30 – Rabbi Goldschmiedt “Not on the Same Page: Why it took so long to catch up with Israel’s weekly parsha”

4:05 — Rabbi Weinrib “Accepting the Torah: Making it Personal, Making it Real”

4:40 — Rabbi Preis  “Shavuos and Earning THE Badge of Honor”

5:15 — Mrs. Penina Gilbert “Shavuos: A ‘New’ Look at an ‘Old’ Holiday”


Ongoing Shiurim

Daily Classes

Dirshu Gemara Shiur – Brachos (Men)
Rabbi Yitzchok Preis
Time: 7:15am (Sunday) 5:50am (M-F)
Location: Kollel

Kollel Yisgaber Kaari (Men)
Rabbi Chaim Heinneman
Amud a day Mishna Brurah
Time: 6:55am
Location: Kollel

Daf Yomi (Men)
Rabbi Meir Minster
Time: 8pm (S-T) 1pm Shabbos
Location: Kollel (S-T) CZE (Shabbos)

Night Seder Chabura (Men)
Rabbi Tzvi Fishman
Maseches Avodah Zarah
Time: 9pm (M-Th)
Location: Kollel Annex

Weekly Classes

Places to Learn

Cincinnati Community Kollel
Special Notes: Men only.
Roshei Kollel: Rabbi Meir Minster & Rabbi Dovid Spetner
Address: 2241 Losantiville Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: (513) 631-1118
Fax: (513) 631-9118
Website: www.cincykollel.org
E-Mail Address: Kollel@shul.net

Kollel Chabad (Roselawn)
Special Notes: Men only
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Austin
Location: Kollel Chabad
Address: 7560 Reinhold Drive (Roselawn)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: 513-266-6330
E-Mail: chabadrabbi@aol.com
Web Address: www.chabadoh.org

Ohel Simcha Beth Midrash Study Center
Special Notes: All people are welcome, from beginner to advanced.
Courses Available: Kabbalah, Tanach; Torah (laws), Prophets; Holy Writings: Talmud; Mishnah, Gemara, Halachah; Shulchan Aruch; (code of Jewish law) & Rambam (Maimonides), Hebrew; Jewish History & Jewish Philosophy (Hashkafa); and other subjects by request.
Rabbi: Rabbi Avraham Avnit
Phone: 513.761.0769
E-mail: amia613@aol.com

Partners in Torah (Cincinnati Community Kollel Women’s Division)
Description: Women’s study partnerships
Website: www.cincykollel.org
E-Mail Address: Kollel@shul.net