Please visit the Destination Cincinnati project website for more comprehensive info on relocating as well as MOve2Cincy for another great website about Modern Orthodox Jewish life in Cincinnati.


Welcoming Committee for New Community Members
Please help out an all-new and improved Welcome Committee by keeping us informed if you know exact dates of newcomers’ arrivals! Please email


Accommodations for Non-Medical Visits (Business trips, Shabbos hospitality, etc.)
Contact: Mrs. Ayala Weinrib (773) 465-4945

Need a place to stay for the night or over a Shabbat or holiday? Need to be near downtown or walking distance from several of the area hospitals? Chabad at UC has room for individuals or families. Contact: Chabad at UC (513) 751-2288 Email Address:

Accommodations for Visitors With Sick Children
Contact: Rabbi Kaufman – cell number is 732 691-6134. (To see an article representing one of the families that were helped click on the link below.)

Special Assistance Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)
Volunteers providing accommodations within walking distance of synagogues, transportation to from shopping and hospitals, supplying kosher meals for the sick and their families, etc. in the frum community. Contact: Rabbi Kaufman (732) 691-6134 or email


Driving Service If anyone needs a ride to the airport, there is a lady in town who does driving jobs who needs work. Her name is Shelley Harris, and she is recommended by Navah Avnit. She charges $30 to CVG, and $80 Dayton airport, and will also drive people around the Cincinnati area. She needs 2 days advance notice. Her home number is 641-4123 and her cell number is 315-1225.

Erez’ Taxi (Jewish-owned, Shomer Shabbat)
Phone: (513) 485-7056

Hospital Shuttle Guest Services (513-636-4200) at Children’s Hospital has a free shuttle available for Airport pick-up drop-off, Appointments, Shopping and Entertainment. Please make your reservations for the shuttle are reserved as soon as possible. Slots fill up quickly. Directions to and from Hospitals: To get to Shriner’s, University, Childrens and Ronald McDonald House Hospitals from 6502 Elbrook (Bikur Cholim apt.): Turn right on Losantiville Road, left on Reading Road (Rt. 42), right on Martin Luther King Drive, right on Burnet Avenue. Hospitals are on the left.


Amma’s Kitchen

Description: Serving authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine, lunch, dinner, and catering (Non-Jewish owned).
Kashrut: Dairy is Chalav Stam. All vegetables are checked.
Hours: Lunch Buffet – Monday-Friday 11:00 AM-2:30 PM, Sunday and Holidays 11:30 AM-3:00 PM.
Dinner A la Carte – Monday – Thursday 5:30 PM -9:30 PM, Friday-Sunday 5:30 PM-10:00 PM. Address: 7633 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237 Phone: 513-821-2021 Fax: 513-821-3121 E-mail: Website:

Cedar Village Deli
Description: Wonderful fleishig Deli. It is very reasonably priced.
Kashrut: Glatt Kosher.
Hours: Sunday through Thursday 10 AM to 5:30 PM, and Friday 10 AM to 3 PM.
Address: 5467 Cedar Village Drive Mason, Ohio 45040
Phone: (513) 754-3100 or Fax: (513) 336-3174 E-Mail:
Web Address:

Graeter’s Ice Cream (*Fountain Square*- new!!, Kenwood, & Mason Locations Only!)

Description: Dairy Ice Cream Parlor. (Non-Jewish owned)
Kashrut: Dairy is Chalav Stam, but kosher products are limited. See detailed letter at Graeter’s store to be sure what is kosher. Ice cream and some Sundaes are kosher. Ice Cream Pies are kosher, but not the Ice Cream Cakes. Brownie Sundaes and other cake Sundaes are not kosher. Chip Wheelies are not kosher. Bakery Goods and Candies are not kosher. Not all items in store are under Supervision. Please see detailed letter available in Graeter’s store.
Hours: Mondays- Fridays 7:00 AM-10:45 PM, Sundays 9:00 AM-10:45 PM.
Fountain Square Location: 511 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 phone:(513) 381-4191
Kenwood Location: 7369 Kenwood Rd Cincinnati, OH 45236 Phone: (513) 793-5665
Mason Location: Deerfield at 5076 Natorp Blvd. Mason, OH 45040
Web Address:

J-Café at the JCC

Description: Café just after the entrance at the JCC serving coffee, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, pizza, salad, soup and daily specials.
Kashrut: All prepared foods are Dairy, Chalav Stam. All baked goods are Dairy, Cholov Stam. All lettuce and vegetables are checked.
Hours: Mon – Thurs: 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Fri: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sun: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Address: 8485 Ridge Road (Amberley Village) Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: 513-761-7500 Fax: 513-761-0084 Website:

Kinneret Grill (Jewish owned- Shomer Shabbat)

Description: American-Mediterranean fusion with an upscale atmosphere, serving steaks, burgers, Mediterranean grill, soups, salads, desserts, and Shabbat take out.
Kashrut: All meat is Glatt Kosher, Pas Yisrael bread available upon request. All lettuce and vegetables are checked.
Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 12-3, 5-9. Friday open for shabbas take out pickup 11-2. Address: 4068 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45236
Phone: (513) 827-6154  email: Website:

Marx Hot Bagels

Description: Dairy Bagel Restaurant/Bakery, featuring huge variety of bagel flavors as well as soups, salads, etc. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Non-Jewish owned) Kashrut: Dairy is Chalav Stam. Bagels are Pareve and Pat Yisrael. All vegetables are checked.
Hours: Mondays-Fridays 6:00 AM-9:00 PM, Sundays 6:00 AM-8:00 PM
Address: 9701 Kenwood Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 Phone: (513) 891-5542

Silverton Donut Shop

Description: Small bakery shop. Owners often close when sold out. (Non-Jewish owned)
Kashrut: Dairy chalav stam.
Hours: 5 AM-8 PM
Address: 7414 Montgomery Road (Silverton)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Phone: (513) 793-0567

“Slurpee” Locations that are Kosher

Location: Speedway
Address: Hunt/Plainfield Rd.
Status as of 7/6/12: They are currently using an acceptable kosher mix for all four of their slush drinks. This includes cola, Mountain Dew, Cherry and Blue Raspberry.
Location: Speedway
Address: Paddock and North Bend, near I-75.
Status as of 6/26/12: Currently, all flavors at this location are kosher certified from a reliable kosher agency.
Notes on Slurpee/Slush Drinks:
Certain local convenience stores, such as Speedway, sell slush drinks in fountain dispensed machines. However, it is important to remember that these fountain dispensed machines are not currently under any kosher supervision.
Each time the consumer wants to purchase the drink, the consumer must check the actual box that the flavor syrup is stored in to verify that the flavor being dispensed from the machine is in fact a kosher flavor.
The most common cRc approved flavors being sold in Speedway are Coke and Mountain Dew. If the box of syrup states the words “Coke” or “Mountain Dew” then the slush drink can be consumed during that visit. If those words are not on the box, then the drink is not recommended for consumption.
In addition, Speedway now purchases the flavors, “Cherry” and “Blue Raspberry,” from a supplier under the kosher supervision of the Houston Kashruth Association. If the box of syrup bears a kosher symbol from the HKA, then the slush drink can be consumed during that visit. If the kosher symbol is not on the box, then the drink is not recommended for consumption.
(HKA is on the cRc approved kosher list.)
Rabbi Moshe Toron

The Freeze

The Freeze machine at the Speedway location at 3 East Bend Road (1 block past the entrance to the 75)  is now under certification. The certification is for this location only. Please note that due to corporate rules they cannot post the LOC (letter of certification) . However they  have it and will show it upon request. Please make sure to mention to the manager and/or employees of these establishments how much it means to you that they are under certification. [0308]

Cultural Activities

Cincinnati Public Library
The Main Branch has a lovely children’s department and many nice programs. Our local branch, “Bond Hill” is about a 10-15 minute walk from CHDS.
Address: 800 Vine Street (Downtown)
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-369-6900

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
A lovely nice-sized zoo
Address: 3400 Vine Street (Avondale)
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: 513-281-4700

Newport Aquarium
Address: 1 Aquarium Way
Newport, KY 41071
Phone: 859-491-3467

Cincinnati Art Museum
Address:953 Eden Park Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone: 513-639-2995

Drake Planetarium
Address: 2020 Sherman Ave. (Norwood)
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Phone: 513-396-5578

Krohn Conservatory
Address: 1501 Eden Park Dr. (Walnut Hills)
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone: 513-421-4086

Loveland Castle Museum
Address: 12025 Shore Dr. (Loveland Park)
Cincinnati, OH 45140
Phone: 513-683-4686

Mayerson JCC

Address: 8485 Ridge Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: 513 761 7500

Railway Museum
315 W. Southern Avenue
Covington, KY 41014
Hours: 10 AM-4 PM Wednesdays Only

Family Activities

Jungle Jim’s International Market (Fairfield)
Full-service grocery store as well as a fun place to bring kids.
Hours: All week from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM.
Address: 5440 Dixie Highway Montgomery Road
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Phone: (513) 674-6000
Fax: (513) 674-6001

French Park (Amberley Village)
Entrances: Section Road, Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Information: 513-352-4080

Parky’s Ark and Parky’s Farm
Wet playground and a petting zoo located in Winton Woods
Phone: 531-521-3276

Blue Ash’s Hunt Park
Entrance: Hunt Road off Floral Ave.
Cincinnati, OH, 45242
Information: 513-352-4080

Totter’s Otterville at Johnny’s Toys
Giant toy store and play land- see their site for more details
Address: 4314 Boron Dr. (Just across the river)
Covington, KY  41017
Phone: 859-491-1441

Run Jump n’ Play
Swingset showroom and inflatables
Address: 8481 Duke Blvd. (Deerfield Twp.)
Mason, OH 45040
Phone: 513-701-7529

Go Play Café
Address: 836 Reading Road
Mason, OH 45040
Phone: 513-770-0710

Duke Energy Children’s Museum
Address: 1301 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45203-1130
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 1-800-733-2077

BB Riverboats
A steamboat ride on the Ohio River
Address:101 Riverboat Row (Just across the river)
Newport, KY 41071
Phone: 513-859-261-8500

Cherry Grove Bowling
Address: 4005 Hopper Hill Road (Cherry Grove)
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Phone: 513-528-7888

Apple Orchards
Pick your own apples! Various locations- See website for details.
Findlay’s Farmer’s Market
Address: 1801 Race Street (Downtown)
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9 AM-6 PM, Sunday 10 AM-4 PM
Phone: 513-665-4839

Sports Plus
Address: 10765 Reading Road (Evendale)
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: 513-761-1010


Rookwood Commons
An outdoor shopping center with stores like Old Navy, DSW, Stride Rite, Gap, TJMAXX, HomeGoods, and more.
Hours: vary by store
Address: The intersection of Edwards Rd. and Madison Rd. (Oakley/Hyde Park)
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Kenwood Towne Center
An all purpose mall, see their site  for a directory of stores.
7875 Montgomery Road (Kenwood)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: 513-745-9100
Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10 AM- 9 PM, Sunday: 10 am- 6pm

Address: 9500 IKEA Way
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Phone: 513-779-7100
Hours: 10 AM- 9 PM

Once Upon a Child
Pre-owned toys, clothes, cribs strollers, etc.
*There is a Michael’s craft store next door as well*

Tri-State Appliances
Pre-owned appliances at good prices.
4157 Hamilton Ave. (Northside)
Cincinnati OH, 45223
Phone: 513-542-9965

Cincinnati Shopping Center (located about 5 minutes from Remke(formerly Biggs))

Groceries, (great produce!), toys, and household.
Address: 4825 Marburg Ave. (Oakley/Hyde Park)
Cincinnati, OH, 45209
Phone: 513-458-2400

Address: 4825 Marburg Ave (Oakley/Hyde Park)
Cincinnati, OH, 45209
Phone: 513-631-5690


Aldi  (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Self-serve, no-frills grocery store. Many kosher items, including common Chalav Stam dairy products.
Special Notes: Bring your own bags for packing, or the boxes there are free. Most items, including vegetables are a really good deal, but stock varies from time-to-time.
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-8 PM, Sundays 9 AM-7 PM.
Address: 5505 Ridge Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: None.
Web Address:

GFS Marketplace (Kenwood, a few doors down from Trader Joe’s) (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: General bulk discount store, with no membership fees. This store also specializes in providing bulk fundraising items for schools and non-profits as well. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: Many kosher items, and most (not all) are marked with a “kosher” sign for convenience. One can sign up for a free membership to get their “FunFunds” card, where a portion of the store’s profits will be given to CHDS (or other favorite organization on their list). Ask at the service desk, and specify your organization. One can request items to be ordered in- they really aim to please their customers!
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 AM-8 PM, Sundays 12-5 PM.
Address: 7696 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: (513) 793-6789
Web Address:

Jungle Jim’s International Market (Fairfield- Well Outside the Community)  (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Full-service grocery store. Special, small Kosher Section in the very back, stocking many kosher items, all though check for reliable hechsherim. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: A really fun place to bring kids.
Hours: All week from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM.
Address: 5440 Dixie Highway Montgomery Road
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Phone: (513) 674-6000
Fax: (513) 674-6001
Web Address:

Kroger’s (Blue Ash)
Description: Full-service grocery store. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: This location now has an extensive kosher section, deli and full-time kosher supervision for meat, fish, fresh sushi and baked goods, all under strict supervision of the Cincinnati Kosher Vaad Hoier.
Kashrut: Food items prepared in the store are kosher only when bearing the Cincinnati Kosher symbol on the package. Baked goods are Pareve, Pat Yisrael. Meat items are Glatt. All vegetables are checked. Mashgiach Tmidi on the premises during all kosher food preparation.
Hours: Regular Kroger grocery open 24 hours all week. Kosher service hours are Sunday through Wednesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM, Thursday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM, and Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM,. Kosher Service closes at 4:00 PM Erev Yomim Tovim (Eve of holidays).
Address: 4100 Hunt Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: Kosher Meat Dept. (513) 792-1500 ext. 6
Web Address:

Kroger’s (Harper’s Point)
Description: Full-service grocery store. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: This location now has a kosher meat section.
Phone: (513) 247-7740
Address: 11390 Montgomery Road (Symmes Township)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Web Address:

Meijer (Hyde Park) (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Full-service grocery store. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: This location has some kosher items. It has very good produce
Hours: 24 hours all week.
Address: 4825 Marburg Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: (513) 458-2400
Web Address:

Meijer (West Chester) (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Full-service grocery store. (Non-Jewish owned.)
Special Notes: This location has many kosher gems sprinkled throughout the store. The actual kosher product section is a bit bigger than the Meijer location at Marburg Avenue.
Hours: 24 hours all week.
Address: 7390 Tylersville Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45069
Phone: (513) 755-4800
Web Address:

Remke  (Hyde Park)
Description: Semi-self serve grocery store. Non-Jewish owned. Special kosher sections offering a huge selection of kosher items, frozen and refrigerated food including meats, a wide variety of Chalav Yisrael dairy products and wines. Glatt kosher butcher and fish under strict supervision of the Cincinnati KosherVaad Hoier. Large bakery selection.
Kashrut: Food items prepared in the store are kosher only when bearing the Cincinnati Kosher symbol on the package. Meat items are Glatt. All vegetables are checked. Mashgiach Tmidi on the premises during all kosher food preparation. Baked goods prepared in the store are Kosher and Pareve, Pat Yisrael only when bearing the Cincinnati Kosher symbol on the package.
Hours: All locations are open daily from 6 AM-11 PM. Call for deli hours.
Address: 3872 Paxton Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Phone: (513) 619-5454
Web Address:

Trader Joe’s (Kenwood)  (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Full-service grocery store. (Non-Jewish owned. Many kosher items- Contact the Vaad Hoier for a list of hechsherim.)
Moderator’s Note: Beware that there are items with signs marked “kosher” in the meat section that do not necessarily have a reliable hechsher. (Consult your local Orthodox Rabbi.)
Hours: All Week 9:00 AM-9:00 PM
Address: 7788 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: (513) 984-3452
Web Address:

Whole Foods Market (Norwood/Hyde Park- in Rookwood Commons) (Not Under Vaad Supervision)
Description: Huge selection of kosher vegetarian items and organic produce. Many kosher vitamins, and Sweet Tammy’s Challah. Check for reliable hechsherim.
Hours: All locations are open daily from 8 AM-10 PM.
Address: 2693 Edmondson Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Phone: 513-531-8015
Fax: 513-531-1354
Web Address:

Kosher Vitamins

Roselawn Pharmacy
Special Notes: Roselawn Pharmacy carries Freeda© Vitamins, which are OU certified and Parve. They also have a variety of unusual and hard-to-find kosher items. Tell them what you need and they will be happy to order it, and they usually arrive the next day. They also offer free delivery for prescriptions.
Address: 7601 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 761-1212